Safeguarding at Belmont Farm Nursery School

Belmont Farm Nursery School puts safeguarding at the forefront of all our activities. We believe that the safety and well-being of the children, parents and staff that attend our school is paramount. We have various safety precautions in place to ensure that our school environment is secure.

  • The building is monitored 24/7 both internally and externally with CCTV cameras.
  • The system runs on a secure server to ensure that the identities of those who attend the school are protected from potential hacking.
  • We have several access control doors into the school securing the building and the main rooms where the children play.
  • We have an extremely high end analytic facial recognition system which allows up to identify if someone has entered the school who is known to us and is not allowed entry.
  • Our entire school perimeter is secure, and the children have their very own little farm within the school which they can visit, rather than visiting the farm open to the public.
  • All our staff have undergone scrupulous background checks and are all registered on the DBS updates service allowing us to have a live link to their DBS status should anything change.
  • The school environment has been designed totally around children with all doors fitted with concealed rotating hinges to unsure that parents can rest assured that their children are going to be safe.
  • Our Designated Safeguarding officer is our school Principal Victoria McAvoy with the Deputy Lead Emily Dickinson.
  • The school also has a well-being officer Kitty Martin who parents can liaise directly with if they have any concerns either to do with the something direct to the school or to do with home life.