Monitoring Children’s Progress

Monitoring Children’s Progress at Belmont Farm Nursery School

At Belmont Farm Nursery School we run four children’s progress monitoring reports every year. These take place termly. Please see the schedule below:

  • March
  • June
  • September
  • December

By having such a frequent monitoring system we are able to review on a regular basis our targets and teaching method for each child, allowing us to identify early on if there are any changes to a child’s development and make the necessary intervention accordingly.

These monitoring reports review every child who attends the nursery against the EYFS developmental milestone, to be able to evaluate whether a child is reaching his or her targets and where teachers/ key workers need to spend more time supporting each child to achieve them. We also monitor how each child is developing alongside the Characteristics of Effective Learning. We value the outcome of this particular report as we believe that there is a huge importance for children to be supported to develop their own tools to approach new learning outcomes and be inquisitive, determined learners.

Each child will learn at their own pace and we are not focusing on pushing children’s outcomes, rather to take a much more reflective approach to look at each child individually and assess how that child is learning, and what we can do to support that child to learn in a way which excites and engages each of them as independent learners.

Through such a rigorous and personal monitoring system we are able to identify early on whether a child might have additional learning requirements and start them down the correct path to be able to access any additional services which they and their families might require.

All of these monitoring reports are shared electronically through each parents online portal, and via a hard copy at regular parents evenings. Allowing parents to have immediate access to this on their electronic devices supports each child’s learning as parents can easily look up what the next steps and targets are to encourage these at home and provide a 360 approach to their child’s development. We run group cohorts on the tracking information which is displayed in the reception area so parents can see how their child’s room as a whole is achieving.