Curriculum Planning at Belmont Farm Nursery School

We have created a bespoke curriculum based on what we aim, as a setting for the children to achieve during their time with us. Using our curriculum alongside the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage), we believe, gives the children a holistic approach to learning. 

We believe every child has the ability to develop within our curriculum and the EYFS through our interest based learning and planning system. This includes a focus week for each child every 6-8 weeks where activities will be based around the child’s interests and next steps. We also have free-flow between the classroom and outdoors for all ages and our forest school space, as we believe being outdoors is an important factor to a child’s development and learning. We hope this creates a life long love of the outdoors and nature. 

We focus on the 3 prime areas in the EYFS for our under 2’s and the 7 areas of the EYFS for our over 2’s. We also have a focus on manners, self-confidence and being members of the community.

Some of the way we do this are:

  • Daily affimations in all classrooms
  • 4 charities each academic year for the children to understand and help raise money for
  • Encourage our please & thank you’s
  • Encourage children to learn why they should share and be kind
  • Allow children to take supervised risks in their play
  • Praise and reassurance in multiple ways 
  •  Real life experiences to expose children to areas of life they may not get a chance to see/do (Cultural Capital)

By following our curriculum and the EYFS our children will all leave confident, self-assured members of the community with a love of learning.