Data Protection and Privacy

We will only store relevant information to enable the School to offer outstanding care and education to the children who attend our Sessions. All information will be kept secure on our computer systems, and children’s information is kept secure on our online systems and locked in the main office in fire proof storage. All information relating to the children will be kept for 25 years and then responsibly destroyed. If you have any questions relating to the information we require from you then please contact the School Principal.

The School processes personal data including but not limited to sensitive data, such as name; address; telephone contacts; date of birth; email addresses; authorised and medical contacts; employment information if relevant; gender; physical conditions; disabilities or allergies; dietary requirements; child photographs and care, learning and development records (Personal Data) for the following purposes:

(1) to ensure a safe, healthy and successful environment for your child; 

(2) to administer first aid/medical care when necessary; 

(3) to comply with government regulations and School policies and procedures; 

(4) to aid in the administration of services; 

(5) to allow any employer to assess utilisation and quality of services information if applicable; 

(6) staff training and development, and 

(7) market research 

The School may share Personal Data in the following circumstances: 

(1) if you receive government funding the School will share Personal Data with the funding provider; 

(2) if you receive childcare as an employee or student benefit, the School will share utilisation and quality of care information with your employer/education provider; 

(3) with any other setting your child attends or may attend; 

(4) third party processors that are subject to confidential non-disclosure agreements; 

(5) as required by Court Order, law or regulation; and 

(6) if the School suspects child abuse and/or neglect, it will report these concerns to the relevant authorities in accordance with its policies and procedures and regulatory requirements 

The School may transfer Personal Data outside the European Union subject to the requirements of data privacy laws.