Well-Being at Belmont Farm Nursery School

The forefront of Belmont Farm Nursery School is our belief in supporting the health and wellbeing for children, parents, and staff.  

The need for children, parents, and staff to adapt during Covid-19 has been universal and this means that we are all likely to have very different expectations and emotions about life now.

Some will be filled with excitement, whereas for others transitioning back into work will be a daunting prospect. Equally, the way in which children and young people may express these emotions will also differ from child-to-child, and even the same child may react differently on different days. It is essential that mental health is prioritised.

In Addition, with the growing demand of social media and the effect of this on the younger generation we know that there is a huge importance on making sure that we have robust measures in place to support everyone with their well-being. Internet safety classes are also led yearly in the older classrooms and a tip sheet handed out to parents afterwards.

We have established a Well-being programme which is implemented throughout nursery life. For our children this is embedded throughout their routine. Our staff initiative includes training, perk box staff benefits and having a designated wellbeing officer. In addition, our parents have their own designed well-being officer, have access to parent classes every month and have play and stay sessions to feel part of the nursery community. 

Internet safety for parents, children and staff & Well-being programme for 2021 coming soon! 

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